The top competitors from two days of trials squared off Saturday at the Choctaw Indian Fair in the championship event of the Iron Warrior Competition.

Five men and women faced down the competition events one by one: 8 competition events for the men & 7 for the women including: Farmer’s carry, keg carry, tire deadlifts, sandbag medley, Atlas stones, Yoke carry, tire flip & truck pull.

The five top ladies Miranda Stamper, Nicole Scarbrough, Shamilia Mota, Rakisha Anderson, and Teshina Tubby went head to head against each other and the Iron Warrior course to see who would finish with the best time of the series. The top honors went to Miranda Stamper with a time of 3:07:13.

The top five men hit the course with one more obstacle than the women’s rounds. Top two competitors, Eric Pinto and Lefus Tubby finished the Iron Warrior’s Men’s course in under five minutes, with 3rd – 5th place not far behind. Eric Pinto finished with the best time of the day with 4:33:16.

Official Iron Warrior Results:

Women’s Finals

1st – Miranda Stamper – 3:07:13
2nd – Nicole Scarbrough – 3:43:94
3rd – Shamilia Mota – 3:49:35
4th – Rakisha Anderson – 3:59:20
5th – Teshina Tubby – 4:02:97

Men’s Finals

1st – Eric Pinto – 4:33:16
2nd – Lefus Tubby – 4:57:25
3rd – James Denson – 5:13:06
4th – Cameron Moss – 5:22:88
5th – Jordan Taylor – 5:37:50


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