It’s National Police Week and law enforcement in Neshoba County and Philadelphia are being honored. Huddle House is having Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

Law enforcement officers are getting a free meal. It’s Huddle House’s way of saying ‘thank you’ to those who protect and serve.

“Knowing that this business appreciates us for the job that we do means a lot,” says Adriana Peeples, Philadelphia Police Department.

Officers are choosing anything from the menu. They can sit down or take it to go.

“Like fish or we have new pork chops,” says Morgan Nichols, Huddle House server. “And then you get two sides with that. And we are also offering a dessert with it.”

Star Sgt. Peeples, like many others behind the metal badge often get a bad rap for doing the job they have to do. This is an opportunity to bring the community together and show support to law enforcement.

“This will help everyone to understand that they are just normal people doing their job just like we are here doing our job,” says Nichols.

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day is something Huddle House wants to continue each year.

“Just makes them feel good that we’re showing appreciation for all their hard work and putting their lives on the line,” says Nichols.

The hope is to bridge the gap between citizens and those in blue, one plate at a time.

“It makes us feel good knowing that we’re out here doing what we’re supposed to be doing, treating people the same way we want to be treated,” says Peeples.

Huddle House in Philadelphia will be serving law enforcement until closing time at 11 p.m. Thursday.

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