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Choctaw, MS
Feels like 75°.
Humidity: 71% Dew Point: 65°
Clouds: 97% Pressure: 30.07 in
Wind: E 6 mph Visability: 10 mi Conditions as of 7:17pm.
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80 57
Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
20%   84%
7:06   6:17
75 66
Rain throughout the day.
97%   63%
7:07   6:16
69 55
Mostly cloudy until evening.
86%   62%
7:08   6:15

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    ECCC Art Club to Host Haunted House Oct. 30-31

    The East Central Community College Art Club will sponsor a Haunted House from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Monday and Tuesday, October 30- 31, in the Vickers Fine Arts Center on the Decatur campus. “The ECCC Art Club hopes that anyone who gets enjoyment from fear, adrenaline,... Read More.

    Special needs students enjoy Fall Fun Festival

      A special day for special needs students allowed kids with disabilities to interact with a large group of people just like them. Hundreds of students from local school districts participated in Neshoba County’s Fall Fun Festival. The festival is of course about fun,... Read More.

    Warriors Fall To Rangers 38 – 0

    The East Central Community College Warriors were back home in Decatur tonight for their annual Homecoming Day football game. The Warriors however were playing the nation’s number 6 ranked team the Northwest Community College Rangers from Senatobia. The Warriors season record was 1-6 going... Read More.

    Curfew could help fight crime in Philadelphia

      A city-wide curfew is being talked about in Philadelphia to help eliminate crime, mainly in the northwest area. “A lot of the violence that has went on the past few months have been children that are underage,” says Alderman 4 Cassie Henson. People... Read More.