AUDIO: Consumers Can Now Connect Direct With Farmers On The Mississippi Farm Marketplace

Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce Andy Gipson took to the airwaves last week to strengthen the state’s food supply chain. He has started the Mississippi Farm Marketplace for farmers to connect with consumers. The portal can be accessed at, where a variety of commodities can be listed including produce, meats, dairy products, honey, live animals for custom slaughter, eggs, aquaculture, seafood, and horticulture products. The Commissioner spoke with LOLLYDUDE Friday morning on the Main Event. Here's the... Read More.

AUDIO: Square Affair with Russell Baty

Russell Baty from Main Street in Carthage was on the Main Event with LOLLYDUDE yesterday morning. Square Affair is on and he shared lots of information about the event and how you can get a vendor space. It is scheduled now for Saturday June 27th. Click the link to hear the whole story.    

AUDIO: Callie Prince Sings Live On The Main Event

Philadelphia native Callie Prince is home from Nashville and stopped by The Main Event this morning and hung out with LOLLYDUDE. During the quarantine, she's been writing lots of songs. She sang three originals on the show. "Into It", "Where I Am", and "Look At You" are all posted below so you can hear the complete interview. Another incredible talent from Philadelphia.    

AUDIO: Ag Commissioner Gipson On The Main Event With Big News About Mississippi’s Food Supply!

Mississippi's Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce Andy Gipson was on the Main Event this morning with big news after a big speech yesterday in Jackson. He announced steps to strengthen the state's food supply chain. Big news about the new Mississippi Farm Marketplace where you can see what local farmers have to offer   JACKSON, Miss. —Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce Andy Gipson, yesterday,  outlined steps being taken by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce to... Read More.

Tune In Tomorrow For a Huge Main Event!

Tune in tomorrow morning for the Main Event, brought to you by Pearl River Resort, with LOLLYDUDE. Callie Prince is home from Nashville for Mothers Day and she'll be by to sing some of her original songs. Commissioner of Agriculture Andy Gipson will be here and so will Russell Baty from Main Street in Cathage. 6-9 tomorrow morning and tell your friends!