Severe floods left a mess for Clarke County residents.

“Since Thursday, during the severe weather that occurred in Clarke County, we have received on average between 10 and 13 inches of rainfall county wide,” says Eddie Ivy, the county’s Emergency Management Agency Director.

Ivy says 100 homes were damaged during flooding.

“Right now they’re all still working to get the water and moisture out of their homes. When the water gets in there, it gets in the walls. Many of them are opening up their walls so the air can get in there to dry them out to make the repairs, so that they don’t have mold and things like that growing in their home,” says Ivy.

Residents Charles and Ann Williams say the flood waters moved very fast.

“Well we’re dealing with a lot of flood water in the cabinets, the bed mattresses and stuff like that and in the furniture really, mostly the furniture,” says Ann.

Despite the damage to their home, the Williams’ say they are just thankful to be alive.

Ivy urges anyone whose home was impacted by the flood to contact the Clarke County Emergency Management Agency, even if they don’t feel the damage is severe enough.

At this point, if you live in Clarke County and you have flood damage from the event that occurred Thursday, December 28 through now, please call our office and report that damage so someone can come out and make an assessment of your damage.” Says Ivy.

Contact their office at 601-776-2256.