A wreck in Neshoba County leads to pursuit of a stolen car.

The accident happened Thursday morning around 9:45 am on Highway 19 South involving a passenger van and another vehicle.

A homeowner was pulling into his drive on Highway 19 when his SUV was struck in the driver’s side by a passenger van traveling south on Highway 19. The passenger van had no tag or registration to an owner.

“A van driving southbound passed several vehicles and collided with a man turning into his driveway,” stated Officers.

Neshoba County Sheriff Tommy Waddell said the suspect jumped out of the passenger van and stole a good Samaritan’s car and drove off in it, while the owner was assisting the homeowner who was trapped in his vehicle.

“The stolen vehicle sped away south towards House. The suspect is a white male with visible tattoos to the upper body. The vehicle is a silver Impala with a Dallas Cowboy sticker,” stated Sheriff Waddell.

The Neshoba County Sheriff’s Department and the Mississippi Highway Patrol are actively pursuing the suspect. If you have any information, please contact local Law Enforcement.