The 18th Annual Ham Jam Festival kicks off tonight in Philadelphia.

Tourism Director Twyla Lovern says Ham Jam offers something for everyone.

“We’re going to have a kid’s area. It’s going to be live music starting at 7:00 PM on the main stage, The Fish Hippies, a local band that is playing. Lots of people out and about shopping,” says Lovern.

Lovern says not only is the Ham Jam Festival a chance to celebrate Philadelphia, it’s also a major boost to the local economy.

 “We have lots of local sponsors, which brings lots of people into our community. Any time you bring people in, of course, that increases our revenue. It’s good for our town and gives our city a chance to promote Philadelphia,” says Lovern.

 Chamber and Main Street Executive Director Tim more says the festival is a very special event.

“It’s the spring festival where people can get out, come enjoy some music, enjoy some food. It’s usually cool or it might be in the 80s but it is the spring time festival where you can get out and enjoy people,” says Moore.

 Saturday morning will kick off at 8:30 AM with plenty of events, an official welcoming the princesses and queens of the event and more live music.

 The festival will host over 50 vendors selling arts and crafts, boutique clothing, food and much more.