Breaking: Mayor Vivian’s Official Response to $300. Fines and More


Official Response from Mayor Vivians Regarding $300. fines and more-

“Unfortunately, excessive gatherings have been occurring throughout the city even though the “Stay in Place” order has been mandated from the Governor. The “Stay In Place” order states that we should stay at home unless we are going to work, to the store, to the pharmacist, or visiting an elderly or sick family member. It also states that we could help others by getting supplies for them. This order was put in place to combat the spread of Covid-19. It is my desire to protect the citizens of Carthage, and the only way I can do that is to adhere to the recommendations handed down by the governor. By abiding to the guidelines of the governor and the CDC, we can have a safer city. It has been reported to me that some citizens are having house parties. Excessive fights have also broken out in the community which both is a direct violation of this mandate. Excessive residential gatherings are prohibited. All violators of this order will receive a $300.00 citation. With everything else going on, we want our city to remain free of violence and other undesirable activities that will put citizens and our first responders at risk.”