Bradley Amis, 55, 278 Wash Drive, Forest, no insurance, no drivers license, hold for Scott Co., improper turn, improper equipment, no seatbelt, Walnut Grove PD

Bradley Amis

Earl Bloodsaw, 52, 164 Kit Lewis Road, Walnut Grove, disturbing the peace, Leake Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

Earl Bloodsaw

Debra Brown, 45, 2052 Attala Road 1144D, Kosciusko, warrant, no insurance, no drivers license, improper equipment, Carthage PD

Debra Brown

Charlie J Cheek, 23, Hwy 14, Kosciusko, simple assault – domestic violence, Attala Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

Charlie J Cheek

Cori Davis, 25, 201 S Jordan Street, Carthage, possession of controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, Leake Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

Cori Davis

Christopher D Ellis, 31, 165 Reddog Road, Apt 3G, Carthage, hold, Carthage PD

Christopher D Ellis

Lee M Hall, 49, 2771 Mt Charity Road, Carthage, possession of whiskey/liquor, public drunk, Leake Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

Lee M Hall

Donvate K Jobe, 24, 155 Dan Boone Road, Carthage, warrant, Carthage PD

Donvate K Jobe

Tori L Murphy, 25, 484 Cemetery Street, Lexington, contempt of court, Leake Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

Tori L Murphy

Dylan B Page, 19, 2174 Pine Grove Road, Walnut Grove, bond surrender, Capias burglary, hold, Leake Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

Dylan B Page

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The mugshots and arrest records published are not an indication of guilt, or evidence that an actual crime has been committed. Arrests made by the Leake County Sheriff’s Department, Carthage PD, Walnut Grove PD, Attala County Sheriff’s Department, Kosciusko PD. (Leake County Correctional Facility images)