Richard Townsend, 42, Canal Scrap, Philadelphia, child support

Richard Townsend

Maurice Boler, 25, 600 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, simple assault

Maurice Boler

Kevin Hopkins, 52, 2671 Thomas Lang Road, Dekalb, possession of controlled substance, shoplifting

Kevin Hopkins

Paul Smith, 56, 10541 Road 610, Philadelphia, driving under the influence (DUI) 1st offense

Paul Smith

Bruce Anthony Harris, 34, 1923 11th Ave, Meridian, public drunk, resisting arrest, possession of alcohol in dry county

Bruce Anthony Harris

Jimmy Dale Majure, 61, 518 Welch Street, Philadelphia, possession of alcohol in dry county, driving under the influence (DUI) 2nd offense

Jimmy Dale Majure

Christopher Harris Perry, 34, 133 Fani Laknia Circle, Philadelphia, driving under the influence (DUI) 1st offense

Christopher Harris Perry

Jerry Wayne Smith, 60, 252 Martin Luther King Drive, Philadelphia, resisting arrest disturbing the peace, aggravated assault on officer with weapon, disorderly conduct

Jerry Wayne Smith

Austin James Alderman, 27, 13440 Road 729, Philadelphia, hold for investigation, possession of controlled substance

Austin James Alderman

Alan Chickaway Jr, 34, 628 Decatur Conehatta Road, Conehatta, public drunk

Alan Chickaway Jr

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The mugshots and arrest records published are not an indication of guilt, or evidence that an actual crime has been committed. The arrests are booking records only and do not reflect charges filed in a court of law. (Neshoba County Jail images)