Charla Stephens, 30, Reunion Court, Philadelphia, accessory after the act

Charla Stephens

Kiara Baxstrum, 30, 257 Northwest Street, Philadelphia, simple assault

Kiara Baxstrum

Terry Dale Daniels, 56, 10571 Road 781, Philadelphia, simple assault

Terry Dale Daniels

Christopher Bounds, 43, 10100 Road 2810, Philadelphia, possession of paraphernalia

Christopher Bounds

Rodney Stephens, 34, Sistrunk Trailer Park, Philadelphia, public drunk, trespassing

Rodney Stephens

Nytasia Meyon Crockett, 18, 821 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, accessory after the fact

Nytasia Meyon Crockett

Reginald Randolph Goss, 41, 9676 Carroll Canyon Road, Philadelphia, public drunk

Reginald Randolph Goss

Robert Earl Lane, 51, 1038 Railroad Street, Philadelphia, public drunk

Robert Earl Lane

Sherrie Payne, 39, 13980 Hwy 21 N, Philadelphia, uttering forgery

Sherrie Payne

Forrest Mucgikosi Billy, 21, 430 East Tucker Road, Philadelphia, driving under the influence (DUI) 1st offense, reckless driving, disobey traffic control device

Forrest Mucgikosi Billy

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The mugshots and arrest records published are not an indication of guilt, or evidence that an actual crime has been committed. The arrests are booking records only and do not reflect charges filed in a court of law. (Neshoba County Jail images)