Families First for Mississippi opened its doors in the Fair City less than a year ago, but Regional Coordinator Cassie Henson says the nonprofit center has already helped countless families.

“Families first is designed to service anyone from the womb to the tomb,” says Henson.

The center offers multiple family benefitting programs, including a high school diploma completion program. Other programs focus on parenting, workforce training, literacy and more.

 “We are here to offer services to people in the community- no matter their background, no matter their ethnicity. No matter even their monetary status,” says Henson.

Local agencies and city officials were invited to the center for a peek at what it offers. Henson says with their help, families first can reach more people in the community.

Laquina Bonds says she attended a workshop the center offered on installing a child’s car seat. Bonds says to her surprise, many of those in attendance had been installing the seats incorrectly, herself included.

“With the car seat thing, I was unaware I was installing it not the correct way or not knowing the exact proper weight for the child to be in with the car seat he or she needed to be in- so it was very informative and very helpful,” says Bonds.

Nichole Ferguson and her son Cody came to families first when as he began struggling with grades. Now enrolled in Families First high school diploma program, Ferguson says her son is excelling.

“If they would come up here and see what the surrounding is about- the atmosphere. They’re real nice. They do what they can to help anybody, with their programs. It’s just awesome and i would encourage everybody that needs their services to come and register.

All services and programs are free of charge.