from The Desk of Mayor Vivians


Monday, May 4th, 2020

From The Desk Of Carthage Mayor Vivians

“As we continue to fight through this pandemic, let us remember that all of us are being affected. Remember to pray for all of those who are on the frontlines and also those who are unemployed due to this pandemic. My desire and prayers are that all of us will come out of this pandemic with a new mindset and a love for one another. As we look forward to better days and the reopening of our economy, our Strategic Planning Committee consisting of business owners and other stakeholders in the City of Carthage will be formulating ways to combat this virus and protect our citizens during a Zoom Virtual Meeting this week. We are also looking forward to having a Virtual Town Hall Meeting scheduled for later in the week.  REMEMBER TO KEEP PRACTICING SAFETY PRECAUTIONS, BECAUSE WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.”  Mayor MaryAnn Vivians