T- Minus 3 days until the man in the red suit makes his way around the world.

 With time running out, shoppers are braving the cold and long lines to make those last minute purchases.

 “We have had tons of people. I will say it’s mainly men coming in and they need something for their wife or a daughter or a kid or anything. And we can help you with that and they kind of have that deer in headlights look and we will be glad to assist and point you in the right direction,” says Kademi owner Dawn Lea Chalmers.

 Chalmers says a lot of customers are on a mission to find the perfect gift.

 “Depending on what they are looking for and a lot of people are looking for stocking stuffers now. So we have those ranging from anywhere from 2 dollars to 15 dollars. Bath bombs are a great hit. They work with every age. Kid, adult, anyone,” says Chalmers.  

 Some stores are offering special holiday deals. Over at Dixie Gypsy, 12 days of Christmas is happening.

 “Today our deal is 15% off candles, but we also have a 50% off rack that is ongoing,” says cashier Ella Grace Robertson.

 Even those behind the counter are getting involved in the last minute frenzy.

 “I am a last minute shopper, because I say I’m going to get it all done ahead of the big rush, but inevitably I get too busy and I am a last minute shopper. So I’m doing a lot of my shopping right here in Philadelphia, with all my neighbors.”


MG & Company- Christmas Eve: 7 AM- Until

Dixie Gypsy- Saturday: 10 AM- 4PM

Kademi- Christmas Eve- 10AM- 4PM

Steve’s on the Square- Christmas Eve: 8 AM- Until

The Clothesline- Christmas Eve: 10 AM- 2 PM

City Jewelry- Christmas Eve: Until 4PM