The National Weather Service of Jackson has confirmed that an EF-2 tornado touched down in Winston County on Saturday, April 13.

The tornado reported in Winston County started just to the south of Highway 25 in far northern Winston County. Initially, numerous trees were snapped along with uprooted ones as well. The first property impacted had a few trees through the house, one on a F-150 truck and a couple more on a camper. Several trees were blown down on a horse barn which was destroyed.

The tornado then crossed Highway 25 and quickly became strong and reached a peak intensity of EF2 (113 mph estimated winds). Almost a dozen power poles were snapped along with significant damage to trees. Many hardwoods were snapped, and a large section of pines were damaged.

One mobile home was completely destroyed in this area off Highway 25. One large home, which was more on the edge of the path, sustained minor roof damage. The tornado continued to the north-northeast through an expansive wooded area as it moved into southern Oktibbeha County.

The tornado then crossed Craig Springs Rd. Several homes were damaged. Several power poles and lines were down here as well. Damage was also done to a local cemetery. The intensity dropped a bit as it continued north-northeast. The tornado paralleled Highway 25 with snapped and uprooted trees. As the tornado crossed Ennis Road, EF1 damage occurred as the tornado narrowed. A church near this area sustained moderate shingle damage to the roof. From this point, the tornado remained just west of the main highway and dissipated about a mile further.


Winston/Oktibbeha Tornado...

Rating:                 EF2
Estimated Peak Wind:    113 mph
Path Length /statute/:  8.82 miles
Path Width /maximum/:   830.0 yards
Fatalities:             0
Injuries:               0

Start Date:             04/13/2019
Start Time:             09:55 PM CDT
Start Location:         8 SE Sturgis / Winston County / MS
Start Lat/Lon:          33.2596 / -88.9459

End Date:               04/13/2019
End Time:               10:10 PM CDT
End Location:           6 SSW Starkville / Oktibbeha County / MS
End Lat/Lon:            33.3744 / -88.8797