Neshoba Co. Sheriff’s Department quickly recovers stolen church trailer


A trailer loaded with vinyl siding was stolen from Hope United Methodist Church in Neshoba County Wednesday, but it didn’t take long for deputies to track down the thieves. Investigator Gordon Adkins said some of the siding fell out of the trailer as the suspects made their getaway and quickly led investigators straight to the stolen property.

“It led me across Highway 485 and to Road 425 then to County Road 432. We turned down 432 and it’s just vinyl all down the middle of the road. Got to a driveway, looked down the driveway and there was vinyl going down the driveway,” said Adkins.

Austin Dixon and Josh Quintana were arrested and charged with grand larceny. Investigator Adkins said Dixon turned himself in, but Quintana resisted arrest. Adkins said there was a brief struggle before Quintana was put in handcuffs.

“We were told he wasn’t home, but Sheriff Clark looked down there and noticed a pair of shoes. There was a shoe here and in about 20 yards there was another shoe. Sheriff Clark followed the trail and there he was laying in the pasture in a ghillie suit. It’s a suit that camouflages you and makes you look like your surroundings. The sheriff got him up and about that time he began to resist arrest,” said Adkins.

Church member Bobby Branning called in the theft. Branning is grateful deputies were able to solve the crime in about an hour.

“Well it’s just bad when you steal from a church. That’s the bottom line, when you start stealing from the church it’s just bad,” said Branning.