733. That’s how many days have passed since Chrystal McKinney saw her brother Bruce Smith, alive. Now she says she just wants answers and closure.

 “He was a mess. He was just a total mess. He was always clowning around,” says McKinney.

 McKinney says she was with her brother just hours before he vanished.

 “On April the 8th, he asked to go to Robin Hood Circle, so my husband and I took him to the intersection of Kosciusko Road and Robin Hood Circle, which I regret every day.”

 That was the last time anyone in Smith’s family saw or spoke with him. His last confirmed sighting is on security cameras, withdrawing cash from an ATM, just down the road from Robin Hood Circle. McKinney says Smith wasn’t alone.

 “Supposedly there was a male with him at the time and he was seen on another surveillance walking back down Kosciusko Road.”

 McKinney admits her brother didn’t always hang around the best people or situations, but says that doesn’t make his disappearance o.k.

 “Like I said, every single day he called me, even if it was just to say I love you or I’m o.k.”

 Although, McKinney says she believes her brother is no longer alive, she’s asking for the public’s help in finding closure.

 “Our last words were, I told him to be careful and that we loved each other,” says McKinney.

 Smith has a birthday coming up, April 21st, his 34th.

 He is a 5′ 9″ white man weighing 150 lbs. He has brown hair and hazel eyes. Smith has multiple tattoos on his arms, back and chest.

Crimestoppers and Smith’s family are offering rewards.