Homeowners in Philadelphia can save some money, thanks to the Philadelphia Fire Department. The city’s fire rating dropped, decreasing insurance premiums on houses and businesses.

“We’ve been working our tails off trying to help the homeowners and business owners out,” says Philadelphia Fire Chief Pierce Clark.

Philadelphia’s fire rating dropped from a Class 6 to a Class 5. It’s the first time it has changed for the good in 30 years.

“It should decrease their homeowners’ insurance on the fire side. Should help the businesses a little more,” says Clark.

A lot of factors make up a city’s rating. Response times, staffing, educational training and equipment are on considered. It’s not all dependent on the fire department though.

“The water department too. It checks the fire hydrant flow rates. The number of fire hydrants we have,” says Clark.

The rating also considers how fast the communication center dispatches calls to first responders.

“We like to be out the door in under a minute,” says Clark. “Looking through some reports earlier today, two to three minutes, the truck is usually on the scene.”

Chief Clark says the fire department is always looking for ways to improve and continue decreasing the rating.

“I would love to see the city drop down to a Class 4 insurance classification,” says Chief Clark. “In order to do that, we’re definitely going to have to hire lots of other guys, build a new fire station and staff it with equipment and personnel.”

Philadelphia Fire Department has three stations with 32 firefighters. There are 10 to 12 working per shift at each station.