The smell of Bar-B-Que will soon be in the air in Philadelphia. With the city’s annual Ham Jam Festival just around the corner, the community is preparing for an eventful weekend in Mid-April.

Philadelphia’s 18th annual ham jam festival is still a few weeks away, but the city is ready to celebrate.

“What you’ll see at Ham Jam is, we have a Bar-B-Que section that it is sanctioned from Memphis in May that is going on for the course of the weekend. We have a kid’s area that has pirate ships and maze winders,” says Chamber and Main Street Director, Tim Moore.

 Moore says Ham Jam is a great event for the community.

 “We have a festival where all the money and funds generated, we put back into the downtown,” says Moore.

 Moore says additions to downtown like street lights, sidewalks and park benches were made possible through the festival.

 This year’s festival features something new.

 “We have some people who wanted to display some old model cars so we’re going to have one side street blocked off with them lined up. So this year, we’ll have a car show,’ says Moore.

 MG and Company, on the square, says Ham Jam is huge for businesses in the area.

 Ham jam will also feature live music.

 The Festival runs April 12th-13th.