Newton Police know who the suspected shooter is, but haven’t found him yet. 

 “He’s not in custody. He is still at large but we are actively pursuing him and I will say this, you know who you are, if you’re listening, the best thing to do is turn yourself in,” says Police Chief Harvey Curry

 Chief Curry says the shooting happened Thursday at a house in the 300 block of Scanlan Street. 

 The shooting happened while a group of men were playing dice. 

 “What our investigation revealed was that it was a dice game and apparently, somebody, the suspect got mad. That’s what we’re told and the next thing we know, he came and shot several rounds through the residence,” says Chief Curry.

 Three people were shot- two of the victims are in critical, but stable condition. 

 “The witnesses and victims are not currently cooperating with law enforcement, however, the Newton Police Department is committed to enforcing the law and pursuing criminal charges against these villainous individuals,” says Chief Curry.

 The Chief says the people involved aren’t cooperating possibly out of fear of retaliation.  

 Investigators hope the community will help them solve this case and bring the alleged shooter to justice.