WCKK Radio Station of the Year

It seems like 2020 has flown by like lightning. That’s about as fast as the crew at Kicks96 worked last year to keep the community informed and entertained. This entry for Station of the Year showcases both aspects of the station, and how the crew makes certain the station is not only part of the community, but is vital. Lolly Dude left Kicks96 at the end of 2020, but when the pandemic began, he kicked into high gear, with interviews aimed at keeping people in the know about restrictions and mandates, food and gas prices and he covered just about every angle on the virus on The Main Event, the Kicks 96 morning show.

The Central Mississippi News and Weather Center was manned. You’ll hear anchor Chris Davis, reporter Robbie Watson and the rest of the staff covering the November election. This is just an example of the outstanding news product that Kicks 96 airs each day, rivaled by no other radio stations in Mississippi.

Kicks put on the Mississippi Songwriter of the Year contest in the summer and crowned the winner, Danica Hart, of the group Chapel Hart. The contest featured entrants from all over the state.

The Leake Academy championship was an outstanding broadcast. You’ll hear the head coach dodge being dowsed, and the live post game action.

Lolly Dude reflected on Sept. 11 on the anniversary.

You’ll hear a report on the death of former Gov. William Winter, a Civil Rights leader, and his final speech at the Neshoba County Fair, an annual political showcase in central Mississippi.

Ag Commissioner Andy Gipson discusses coronavirus and the way Mississippians were being affected by the lack of demand and oversupply.

But, you’re just getting some free samples.

These are indicators of the quality of work that is showcased each day on Kicks 96. The pandemic has boosted the efforts of the crew to help people and make sure they are getting the information they need, and the music they want. It is a centerpiece of the community, and not just a “country station”. The exercise of 2020 is already having an effect on the way the station is operating in 2021.

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