Some Rainfall Totals Exceed 10 Inches

The National Weather Service has released official four-day rainfall totals in the local area:Leake County (near Wiggins)  10.19 inchesLeake County (near Ofahoma)  9.91 inchesLeake County (near Walnut Grove)   8.99 inchesNeshoba County (near Philadelphia)  8.16 inchesNeshoba County (near Burnside)  8.05 inchesLeake County (Edinburg)   7.50 inches 

In 10 Years, Mississippi Has Gotten 5 Per Cent Fatter

(Photo: CDC)Mississippi may still have the highest rate of obesity—but some states are getting fatter, faster.   An analysis of county health rankings by the strength training website shows that Mississippi’s obesity rate has climbed from 36 per cent to 41 per cent in... Read More.