Did you know that damaging a mailbox is a federal crime?

On Sunday, January 28, 2024, Attala County Deputies received multiple calls from residents of Attala Road 1010 and Attala Road 4116 reporting missing or damaged mailboxes.Deputies discovered more mailboxes that were damaged or missing after arriving to both scenes.ACSO warns that stealing mail, damaging... Read More.

Neshoba S-O Conducts Weekend Crime Crackdown

FROM NESHOBA COUNTY SHERIFF ERIC CLARK: On Saturday, March 4, 2023, Neshoba County Sheriff’s Office conducted a saturation detail from 6:00 pm until midnight. The 6 hour detail was called to target hot spots in Neshoba County. The Sheriff and 17 deputies split into teams... Read More.

Neshoba County Sheriff Eric Clark: Crime Report

From the Office of Neshoba County Sheriff Eric Clark:On January 4, 2020 a resident of County Road 1535 returned home to fine their home to be burglarized. The interior of the home received heavy damage to include overturned furniture, damage to interior doors from... Read More.