Shooting Reported Near Walnut Grove

WALNUT GROVE, Miss.--A shooting was reported to the Leake County Sheriff's Dept. Saturday night near Walnut Grove.An exact address was not clear from police radio traffic, nor were the circumstances surrounding the shooting.One deputy reported that the victim was inside a house with several... Read More.

Thief Chased (and Caught) in Walnut Grove

WALNUT GROVE, Miss.--Walnut Grove Police asked Leake County deputies for help late Friday chasing a man they believed stole keys and credit cards from a car in the town limits.Just before midnight a Leake County deputy thought they spotted a man hiding in a... Read More.

Walnut Grove Inmate Caught in Texas

An inmate assigned to the Walnut Grove Correctional Facility who escaped in Lauderdale County last week has been captured in Texas after a five-day manhunt.  The Miss. Department of Corrections says Ryan Young was taken into custody Monday in Port Arthur without incident.  Young... Read More.

Walnut Grove Grateful Gathering South of the River

This community Thanksgiving event is this Sunday, November 20th at 5 pm at the Walnut Grove Fire Station and Downtown Market Pavilion.There will be a brief Thanksgiving program followed by a tasting of soups, stews, chilies, and more from area cooks.For more information call... Read More.

Tyson Foods Makes $18M Investment in Walnut Grove

 FROM TYSON FOODS: Tyson Foods is pleased to announce an $18 million investment in the Mississippi economy, expanding the company’s hatchery in Walnut Grove, Mississippi. The project is expected to increase the hatchery’s capacity to hold chicks and eggs, specifically contributing to operational efficiency... Read More.