An Attempted Horse Warning, Then a Wreck

EDINBURG, Miss.--While on a medical run just before 2 Saturday morning, an EMT called Leake County communications over the radio to warn them that a horse was out close to the highway on Hwy. 16 east, at Midway Rd., near Edinburg.Dispatchers checked records to... Read More.

Neshoba County 4H – Horse Club Enrollment

Neshoba County 4H is having open enrollment for youth ages 8-18 and Volunteers who are interested in starting a Horse Club. For more information or to enroll, call 601-656-4011 or come see us at the Neshoba County Extension Office.

Lane Taylor talks Horse Racing today at the Fair

The ponies are off this afternoon and every afternoon of the Neshoba County Fair starting at 2 pm. Local trainer Lane Taylor talked on the Main Event this morning with LOLLYDUDE. He's excited about one of his horses that will be running today.