EC Warriors Sweep MS Delta Trojans

The East Central Community College basketball teams were on home in Decatur today playing a double header hosting the Trojans of Mississippi Delta Community College. The Lady Warriors defeated the Lady Trojans by 11 points, 54-43 to improve their season record to 12-6 overall... Read More.

Gas Prices in MS Creeping Up

The average price for gas in Mississippi has reached $2.70 for the first time since early December.   AAA says it’s edged up a couple of cents in the past week after a series of ups and downs during the holidays which carried over into... Read More.

Flu Rate Dropping in MS

It may be too soon to say that flu season in Mississippi has peaked.  But the numbers have been falling for two weeks in a row now.  In its latest update, the State Health Department is reporting a significant decrease, with the flu rate... Read More.

Flu Rate in MS Remains High

Mississippi's flu rate has dipped slightly but remains one of the highest in the country.  The latest update from the State Health Department shows than 9.5 per cent of patients seeing their doctor had flu-like symptoms, down from 9.7 per cent the previous week. ... Read More.

Flu Rate in MS Among Nation’s Highest

A significant jump in the number of flu cases in Mississippi.  The latest update shows the statewide flu rate has climbed to 9.7 per cent, up from eight per cent the previous week.   That’s the percentage of patients seeing their doctor who are complaining... Read More.

AAA: Gas Now Averaging Less Than $3 in MS

The average price of gas in Mississippi has dropped below $3 a gallon for the first time since mid-July.  AAA says, statewide, prices Friday morning were averaging around $2.99.  That's down 26 cents in the past month. was reporting Friday that, while prices... Read More.

Fires Top 1,000 Across MS

Current burn bans (Source: MFC)  The number of wildfires in Mississippi since Aug. 1 has climbed above a thousand with over 16,000 acres burned threatening almost 2,000 structures.  The Mississippi Forestry Commission is urging the public to continue paying attention to local burn bans because... Read More.