BBB Explains Kosy Police Scam

It might sound odd that a conman claiming to be with the police department has been telling people in Kosciusko they could avoid arrest by paying a fine with gift cards.  But the phone scam is nothing new.   The Better Business Bureau of Mississippi... Read More.

Skimmer Scam Targets EBT Recipients

Card skimmers are being used to steal welfare benefits in Mississippi.  The Department of Human Services says people using their EBT cards at grocery stores have fallen victim to a scam where thieves use skimming devices to steal the SNAP benefits.  Skimmers are nothing... Read More.

Don’t Be Tricked by a Gas Company Scam

A local gas company is warning customers about con men posing as bill collectors.  Atmos Energy says sometimes those crooks come to your door threatening to shut off your gas and demanding money immediately.  But the company says it doesn't send employees to collect... Read More.$8-gift-certificates

Regions Bank warns of scam targeting customers

Regions Bank is warning customers of a potential scam.According to an email sent to customers, scammers have been sending text messages and phone calls posing as Regions bankers in an effort to gain access to their accounts.An excerpt from the email reads: "

Scam Alert

  A scam threatening citizens of Philadelphia with arrest for not showing up for jury duty has been brought to the attention of the Philadelphia Police Department after the scammers used the department’s phone number.Several complainants stated that the caller said that, since they had... Read More.

The Sugar Daddy, Sugar Mama Scam Report

The Scam Report is back, and this time it deals with those Sugar Daddy, Sugar Mama offers. According to the Better Business Bureau this is a new approach to a romance scam. In this scenario a so-called love interest reaches out to you through... Read More.

$35.5 Million Certified Check Just for You?

Once again the offer just might be to good too be true. Phone messages are being received on cell phones from a "Mr. Cooper" saying he is a manager with a company called Wells Fargo Bank Financial. Mr. Cooper says "a certified cashier's check... Read More.

Leake County Sheriff Warns against Scam

Leake County Sheriff Randy Atkinson has issued an advisory to residents about scam phone calls regarding the stimulus package.  Sheriff Atkinson advises you to not give out any personal information over the phone.  If you think you have received one of these phone calls,... Read More.