Ruthie of Philadelphia Wins $2,000 on Easy Money scratch-off

Ruthie M. of Philadelphia won $2,000 off a winning Easy Money scratch-off game purchased at Nance’s Northside Shortstop in Philadelphia.Mississippi started selling scratch-off lottery tickets in 2019.January 30, 2020, Powerball and Mega Millions tickets go on sale.$8-gift-certificates

Mississippi Lottery introduces $10 scratch-off game

Four new scratch-off games are available at all retailer locations in Mississippi today. MLC’s first $10 game will be included in the new round.The new games include: $1—Love Y’all: Approximate overall odds are: 1:4.75. Win up to $2,500! (8 $2,500 prizes) $2—Easy Money: Approximate overall odds... Read More.