Altercation at Tyson Leads to ER Visits

On Tuesday at 10:13pm, Baptist Leake ER advised officers that they had a patient with a knife cut to the face from an altercation at Tyson Foods.  The subject advised that they did not want to file charges.  At 10:50, officers were advised that the... Read More.

Philadelphia Police Dept. Visits Elementary School

The Philadelphia Police Department dropped by Philadelphia Elementary today. It's school test week so the department wanted to encourage the kids. The Philadelphia Police Department said they were honored to be on hand this morning to give the wonderful kids some extra motivation! Chief... Read More.

LOLLYDUDE Visits Kosciusko High School

LOLLYDUDE visited Mrs. Angel Chennault's dual credit English Comp classes at Kosciusko High School on Thursday. The Dude was interviewed by students on everything from radio, wrestling, rock and roll, and his life growing up. A good time was had by all. Click on... Read More.