Choctaw, MS
Mostly Cloudy
Feels like 75°.
Humidity: 96% Dew Point: 72°
Clouds: 86% Pressure: 29.92 in
Wind: NNW 2 mph Visability: 6 mi Conditions as of 5:06am
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82 69
Humid and mostly cloudy throughout the day.
100%   49%
6:05   8:02
83 63
Clear throughout the day.
2%   0%
6:06   8:02
87 62
Partly cloudy throughout the day.
4%   7%
6:06   8:01

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Classic rock, a cappella harmonies, children’s songs, Christmas music and more are coming to the MSU Riley Center this fall, including a special tribute to the legendary Beatles' White Album. “The Beatles' ‘White Album’ is an awesome tribute. Those guys, Christopher Cross, Todd Rundgren, and... Read More.

Fred’s locations closing in Carthage, Louisville

Fred’s, Inc. announced that it will close an additional 129 retail stores across the country and hold inventory clearance sales across all stores in an effort to refocus its product mix, simplify its store portfolio and repay debt. In Mississippi the latest cuts will close... Read More.

Bounds: Final leg of 4-lane project still a ‘go’

A state representative says the 4-lane project for Highway 19 between House and Philadelphia is still an active plan. District 44 state Rep. Scott Bounds said the bidding on construction will begin in the fall of 2020. Crews could break ground on the 13-mile four-lane... Read More.