Choctaw, MS
Feels like 31°.
Humidity: 52% Dew Point: 20°
Clouds: 0% Pressure: 30.49 in
Wind: NNW 6 mph Visability: 10 mi Conditions as of 6:31pm
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43 26
Clear throughout the day.
4%   6%
6:59   5:18
43 24
Clear throughout the day.
4%   10%
6:58   5:19
45 26
Overcast throughout the day.
3%   89%
6:58   5:20

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Ruthie of Philadelphia Wins $2,000 on Easy Money scratch-off

Ruthie M. of Philadelphia won $2,000 off a winning Easy Money scratch-off game purchased at Nance’s Northside Shortstop in Philadelphia. Mississippi started selling scratch-off lottery tickets in 2019. January 30, 2020, Powerball and Mega Millions tickets go on sale.

PSC warns public of Social Security Scam

Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley is alerting the public of increased scam calls claiming to be from the Social Security Administration, many of which are coming from an 844 prefix. He is urging the public to be cautious about answering unknown numbers, returning... Read More.

One Time City Wide Trash Pick-Up Set in Carthage

One Time City Wide Trash Pick-Up Service will be held on  Wednesday, January 22, and Thursday, January 23, 2020. The City of Carthage will begin a two-day city-wide trash pick-up offering services to dispose of trash, debris, appliances, household furniture, mattresses or other items for... Read More.