Neshoba County Sheriff candidates prepare for August primary- VIDEO

Ken Edwards is a 20-year veteran for the United States Navy. He works as the county's veteran’s service officer. He is also running for sheriff as a Democrat. He said he is excited for the opportunity to serve in another capacity. "The makeup of Neshoba County, we have all kinds of problems and do I have all the answers? No, but I feel in my heart I am the best candidate for the job. I... Read More.

Gas prices expected to drop below $2.00

The average price of gas in Mississippi is $2.28 a gallon, according to the site Gas Buddy, but that may not last long. Travelers might be paying less than $2.00 at the pump pretty soon.

MBCI chief candidates excited for runoff

The 2019 MBCI tribal elections ended Tuesday with former council member and businessman Cyrus Ben taking the lead over incumbent Chief Phyliss Anderson. Anderson said Wednesday she is grateful to the over 11,000 member tribe, which she called family. "I believe it would be great for the future generations to make sure that we move forward together as we have done in so many elections,” said Anderson. Ben received 1,591 votes and Chief Anderson received 1,186. Anderson said she is... Read More.

Chief candidates talk about 2019 tribal elections- VIDEO

5,500 members of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians will head to the polls Tuesday for elections. The race for chief is between six candidates, including incumbent Chief Phyllis Anderson, who said she is grateful to her people for allowing her to serve over the last eight years. "As a leader, I think the qualities... Read More.

Neshoba County Library incorporates fun and education this summer- VIDEO

According to National Public Radio, in 2017 nearly 42% of all young children had their own tablet device, compared to less than 1% in 2011. With experts predicting those numbers are on the rise, the Neshoba County Library is offering other means of entertainment this summer, reminding everyone it’s important to never skip out on education.

Philadelphia interim police chief officially steps into new role

Law enforcement veteran Julian Greer has started his stint as the interim police chief of Philadelphia. He said his 27 years of experience has prepared him for this position. "Started off on patrol, basically worked my way up through the department and served in just about every capacity here at the department and on up to assistant chief.... Read More.

Officials and locals call fatal Kemper County crash devestating

Nine people were traveling east in a passenger van down Highway 16 in Kemper County. One person was traveling the opposite direction in a box truck, early Monday morning. Eight people lost their lives when the two vehicles collided head on. Both drivers survived. Sheriff James Moore said this is the highest number... Read More.