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Last minute holiday shopping-VIDEO

T- Minus 3 days until the man in the red suit makes his way around the world. With time running out, shoppers are braving the cold and long lines to make those last minute purchases. 

Philadelphia makes goals for the New Year- VIDEO

When looking back on 2018, Mayor James Young says he is proud of Philadelphia’s growing business force. "The business climate itself. We have a lot of good business men and women in town and they just continue to improve and advance and know that they've got to market their... Read More.
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Construction begins on football stadium- VIDEO

$1.35 million dollars. That's how much it will take to revamp the Rockets' football stadium. "Well this is a long time coming. We are very excited to see the process begin of the demolition. It's always fun to think ahead of what it's really going to look like, what it's... Read More.
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Two suspects charged in double shooting- VIDEO

Bryston Thompson, 21 and Jaylon Griffin, 19 are both charged with two counts of attempted murder after a double shooting, over the weekend.“We were dispatched to a shooting on Robinhood Circle. Officers arrived on scene and there were two gunshot victims that were taken to the hospital by EMS,” says Police Chief Grant Myers.  Chief Myers says the call came around 3... Read More.