Neshoba County Library incorporates fun and education this summer- VIDEO

According to National Public Radio, in 2017 nearly 42% of all young children had their own tablet device, compared to less than 1% in 2011. With experts predicting those numbers are on the rise, the Neshoba County Library is offering other means of entertainment this summer, reminding everyone it’s important to never skip out on education.

Philadelphia interim police chief officially steps into new role

Law enforcement veteran Julian Greer has started his stint as the interim police chief of Philadelphia. He said his 27 years of experience has prepared him for this position. "Started off on patrol, basically worked my way up through the department and served in just about every capacity here at the department and on up to assistant chief.... Read More.

Officials and locals call fatal Kemper County crash devestating

Nine people were traveling east in a passenger van down Highway 16 in Kemper County. One person was traveling the opposite direction in a box truck, early Monday morning. Eight people lost their lives when the two vehicles collided head on. Both drivers survived. Sheriff James Moore said this is the highest number... Read More.

Okatibbee Lake celebrates 50 years- VIDEO

An act of congress authorized a multi-purpose project hoping to reduce flooding in Collinsville. 50 years later, folks are celebrating the 11,000 acre project is known as Okatibbee Lake and Dam. State Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith attended and said she is extremely proud of five decades of success. “Well you know we work so hard in the US Senate and we go to all the committee meetings and introduce bills on different projects, but to be... Read More.

Local officals reflect on Senator Thad Cochran’s career- VIDEO

While Senator Thad Cochran’s political career took him all over the country, it was here, in his home state of Mississippi, he was loved the most. Local officials say his loss is enormous. Personable, strong and gifted. That’s how State Rep. Greg Snowden described Sen. Thad Cochran. "He was always kind, but that didn't mean he wasn't a very effective politician and statesman. He was, but the way he carried himself was a way Mississippians identified. He... Read More.

Mississippi Veterans Memorial Cemetery honors soldiers on Memorial Day- VIDEO

Americans have been observing Memorial Day for over a century, honoring the soldiers who paid the ultimate price for freedom. Monday, at the Mississippi Veterans Memorial Cemetery was no different. “It’s very emotional for gold star families, especially mothers and spouses. Over this whole weekend, a couple of the mothers that have been with us here at the Mississippi Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Newton, they’re very... Read More.