LOLLYDUDE and John Anderson

Today is John Anderson's birthday. Happy Birthday to you! This morning on the Main Event I told a story about John. On a Friday night in late April of 1983, I had been with John for two days. He was in Louisiana where I was in college, doing afternoons on the big country station there, and working as a DJ at a big Honky Tonk called Fools Gold. The night of the concert we had been hanging on the... Read More.

Derek and the Dude

Our 2018 Boswell Media Mississippi Songwriter of the Year has a new single coming out January 17th. Derek Norsworthy was live with LOLLYDUDE this morning on the Main Event, brought to you by Pearl River resort. They laughed and joked and played the new tune "Neighbors Talking" and his winning song "Raised By The Radio". Click the link to hear the songs and the full interview!

Former American Idol Contestant on The Main Event

Garrett Miles who was on American Idol in 2015 was on The Main Event, sponsored by Pearl River Resort, with the DUDE this morning. Garrett was also a preliminary judge for our Boswell Media Mississippi Songwriter of the year. He gave us a taste of his new song, "A Blind Man Can see Christmas". Click the link to hear the whole interview including the song

Boswell Media Christmas Listener Appreciation Party

Wayward Jones will be live at The Boswell Media Christmas Listener Appreciation Party coming up on Friday December 20th , 7pm, at Jason's Southern Table in Kosciusko. The price of admission is FREE. It's our way of thanking all our loyal listeners. Amanda and Bicycle will be playing their hit, "Holding It Together", their next single "I Ain't Johnny", and some Christmas Carols too.

Coat Racks Still Up At The Junction

The Junction is making a difference during this cold weather. Philadelphia, Carthage, Union, Newton, and Scooba all have a coat rack out front . If you are cold and need one then take one. If you have one to give please take it to the Junction and put it on the rack. This is a great idea to help right here in our communities. Let's fill the coat racks up! Thanks to the Junction for being a great Corporate... Read More.