Monkeypox Cases Up Statewide, Area Numbers Stable

While the number of monkeypox cases in Mississippi continues to grow, there haven't been any additional cases in this part of the state.  The Health Department says the statewide total is now 52.  Most of those are in and around the Jackson area.   The... Read More.

Cases Dismissed After Evidence Tampering in Leake County

In Leake County, the district attorney says some people guilty of crimes will walk free after a former sheriff’s deputy admitted he tampered with evidence.  D-A Steven Kilgore says all cases originating in the sheriff’s office dating back to 2019 have been re-examined and... Read More.

Health Department Sheds Light on Monkeypox Stats

As the number of Mississippians infected with monkeypox climbs to 44, the State Health Department is reporting that the vast majority of cases involve young Black men, many of them living in and around the Jackson area.   In only seven per cent of the... Read More.

MHP Recruiting Cadets for Trooper School

After a busy holiday weekend, the Mississippi Highway Patrol is hoping that this time next year, it’ll have more troopers on the roads.   MHP is recruiting for its next Trooper School, scheduled for early next year.  It's hoping for thousands of applicants with the... Read More.

Local Students to Get Career Coaching

Three local high schools are expected to benefit from a program to give more students access to career coaches.   The state is investing $8 million to put the coaches in 125 schools including Kosciusko High, Ethel High and Neshoba Central High School.  The program... Read More.

Wanted: More Rain Observers

We'll never know how much rain fell last week in some parts of Mississippi.  The largest amount officially recorded was about 13 and a half inches in Newton County.  But the National Weather Service says radar estimates showed as much as 15 inches in... Read More.

More COVID Deaths in the Local Area

Two more local COVID deaths are being reported.  But it’s not clear how recent those deaths might have been.  The State Health Department says someone in Attala County died between June 10th and August 18th, that death just now showing up during a records... Read More.

Headed to Jackson? Before You Go….

President Biden has approved the governor's request for a federal disaster declaration because of Jackson's water crisis.  If you're going to the capital city this week, you should know that your favorite restaurant may be closed.   Or your doctor's appointment may have been moved... Read More.