BMO in the MO’rning – Garth & Trisha Sharpen Their “Claus” With CBS Special


See the source imageBMO in the MO’rning – Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood performed their first live concert event of 2020, Garth & Trisha Live!, earlier in the pandemic as a means of bringing fans together even, though they were physically apart.

Now, the superstar couple are at it again, this time with an extra dose of holiday cheer. Their Garth & Trisha Live! A Holiday Concert Event special airs this Sunday night on CBS. Ahead of the show, Garth acknowledges that having to be apart from loved ones will make this holiday season extra tough.

“At the end of the year, we just want to be surrounded by family and friends. And what’s going on? The pandemic is at its highest point,” he says, but adds that there’s still a silver lining to Christmas this year.

“It’s still going to be — maybe more than ever — a time to reflect, a time to be thankful, a time to be grateful…for…what…you…have. I love that about this time of year,” the singer points out. “And my prayer is that everybody stays safe, and everybody walks into ‘21 better from 2020 than worse off from it.”

Garth & Trisha Live! A Holiday Concert Event will air on CBS on Sunday at 8:30PM ET. Following the show, CBS will air its all-genre musical A Home for the Holidays special, which includes a performance from Miranda Lambert. #GartBrooks #TrishaYearwood #BMOintheMOrning #Kick967