BMO in the MO’rning – Thank You Carter


B-MO in the MO’rning – Over my 20+ years in programming, I have had the chance to work for many incredible minds, but none who’s influence meant more than the lady who is wrapping up a 23 year career today in Fresno. The lessons learned in her office (between guidance and relationship counseling sessions, dead cat jump videos, yacht rock jam sessions, Van Halen vs Van Hagar and Angry Bird games with Mason on her phone) are something I still apply in my career! A 23 year run at one station is incredible, to be a female and have that kind of juice is sadly, something that is extremely just as rare…but then again so is Carter!

Tomorrow my station is up for “Radio Station of the Year” and I’ll be thinking of her influence and she moves on today from the only station she’s called home, I want her to know that my heartfelt appreciation, my thoughts and my prayers are hers. Through the laughter, the “drama, drama, drama”, the discussions with Hammer on Gary Cherone’s impact and importance on the Van Halen legacy…. Carter I have always referred to you as “Boss” and you always will be. Good luck and thank you for giving me some of the greatest moments in my career!

From Central Mississippi to Central California