BMO in the MO’rning – What’s On Tap Today!


It’s a “Double Wide WINSDAY” which means two in a row from your favorite artists all morning long, so get your requests in on the request lines at 601-389-1967. It’s also your final day to register for our “Strait from the Heart” promotion and to qualify, listen to “Strait at 8” (brought to you by Chuck’s Paint & Body Shop in Philadelphia) and write down both song titles, then listen for BMO to ask you what the two songs were, if you can correctly identify them, he’ll get you registered for all of this:

A “SWEETHEART DINNER” FOR TWO AT LEE’S STEAKHOUSE – located at 15874 Hwy 21 N in Sebastopol

A DOZEN RED ROSES FROM MG & COMPANY – located at 416 E Beacon St in Philadelphia

A YANKEE CANDLE FROM E-VON’S JEWELRY – located at 610 Hwy 16 W in Carthage

A BOTTLE OF WINE FROM FAIR CITY LIQUOR – located at 1207 Pecan Ave in Philadelphia

A HALF DOZEN SPOONFUDGED DIPPED STRAWBERRIES AND A JAR OF SPOONFUDGE TO GO WITH IT courtesy of Proverbs Coffee – located at 779 Hwy 16 E in Carthage

‘Chris Davis has your latest Central Mississippi headline news, BMO and Brother Breck will talk about the North 4A High School Basketball Tournament heard on Kicks 96 yesterday, plus BMO will chat it up with Lauren Alaina about her new single “Getting Over Him”. Our poll question today comes to you after BMO read the following information and we ask for your input as to what you feel is “damaging our children’s social skills”. The article is listed below, as is the poll question of the day. 

Most parents think that the coronavirus lockdowns hurt their kid’s social skills.  

Researchers surveyed 2,000 parents with children between two and 18-years-old.

They found 69% said the sole reason their children have poor social skills is because of the lack of interaction with other children and COVID 19 and virtual studies!

While BMO agrees that children need social interaction and it may hinder their social skills to a point, there are A LOT of other reasons that play a bigger factor than just COVID 19

What do you think is the real reason for children"s damaged social skills?