BMO in the MO’urning – Bye Bye Boba Fett, Jeremy Bulloch Passes Away



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BMO in the MO’rning – Veteran British actor Jeremy Bulloch, best known for originally playing the character of Boba Fett in the “Star Wars” films, died on Thursday following a lengthy bout with Parkinson’s disease, his agents said.

The 75-year-old actor died at St George’s Hospital in the Tooting district of London.

“He died peacefully, in hospital, surrounded by his family,” agent Kelly Andrews said in a statement. “He had a long and happy career spanning more than 45 years. He was devoted to his wife, three sons, and ten grandchildren and they will miss him terribly.”

His long career included credits for “The Spy Who Loved Me” in 1977, “Summer Holiday” in 1963 and the “Doctor Who” TV series between from 1965 to 1974.