It’s A Special “HERS’day” Edition of BMO in the MO’rning with Jenna Torres!


See the source imageBMO has been counting down the days for this as he, Ms. Lisa, KC, along with Breck and Chris Davis welcome singer/songwriter Jenna Torres for a full day of music from her 5th album “All Heart”! “She stands tall, while other bend in the wind of adversity and truly a kindred spirit” said BMO when asked about the special lady who’ll take center stage this morning on this “HERS’day”! When asked about her role on the show, BMO simply said, “The show is “HERS” no pun intended as the crew will spotlight not only some of the 8 tracks on Jenna’s new album, but will also shine on some of her inspirations, both male and female as far as artists go. Jenna isn’t a 5 to 15 minute interview, hell it took us almost a 45 minutes to get through our hellos and to get started, she’s that captivating and absolutely genuine. The listeners will truly appreciate and get to know Jenna Torres.”

HERS’day is about celebrating remarkable women and it’s ironic that it was on this day in 1908, Roba Stanley was the first female country music singer to ever record a song. Find out more about Roba in BMO’s NEWS’eum and tune in this morning and the spend the day with singer/songwriter Jenna Torres on a special HERS’day edition of BMO in the MO’rning, on Mississippi’s Superstar Country, KICKS 96!

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Be sure to tune in and catch the interview in it’s entirety on “Last time on BMO in the MO’rning