Last Time On B-MO in the MO’rning – The Judge Reaches A Verdict! (Audio)


B-MO in the MO’rning – You would think that its celebrity interviews a DJ looks forward to most when guest join them right? WRONG, not this one because I love the energy of student athletes, especially when they’re someone like “The Judge” Anna Carol Gowan. Anna was given that nickname because of an initial interest she had in perusing a law degree. As logic dictates, the mind of a young woman will change and while a major may change from time to time, what didn’t change was Anna Carol’s mind once she visited Itawamba Community College.

This morning following her appearance on the show, which ranks in my top 3 favorites I asked all of the visiting senior a few silly questions regarding “who would you want to take your place in a game, and she had the entire room and a lot of listeners cracking up as one approached her at the final game which lead to a awkward but hysterical moment when she realized what they meant.

On a field where Madame Presidents and Generals roamed, “The Judge” lead her squad as only she could and in a way that according to Coach Greg Cooper “will surely be missed.”


Below is the audio from this morning which aired while she was with us as well as the entire audio which includes some bonus materials. We know you’ll never be too far from home with your family ties here in Kosciusko, but we hope and pray your journey takes you places you only imagined, that your father can cheer you on as only he can (and that they always have a room for just your cleats! LOL)

The court will now recess until we meet again! Good luck ACG – B


Coach Cooper reflects on the importance of having a “Field Judge” who uses her head


The Judge delivers the verdict in the next step of her athletic and soccer career


Bonus content: Cakes & Cleats