National Prayer Day Around Central Mississippi


BMO in the MO’rning – (Kosciusko, MS) A national movement that’s been going on for decades was celebrated around the world and in Central Mississippi as ministers, business owners, preachers, local residents and children gathered to pray for many things, from first responders to business owners, government and media.

The turn out in various locations varied in size, but from the largest groups, to the smallest they all sent their prayers as one and the messages from young and old were surely heard and answered.


Phillip Palmertree on the day itself and what it meant to have such a great turnout and what it meant to see so many children involved and praying.


Students Joshi Land and Abigail Steed shared what they prayed for.


Art Land shares adds a little more insight as to who and what is being prayed for on this National Prayer Day.