Sharing the Spotlight (Audio & Video)


B-MO in the MO’rning – It was another incredible week on the show, none of it would be possible without the best listeners on the planet, incredible guests, and the man with the voice and face for radio behind the mic! Ha!  We kicked off the Kicks 96 Country Club Hotline, which keeps you connected to everything going on with Mississippi’s Superstar Country by texting us or phoning in to win. Text or call us anytime at 601-389-1967 with requests, to register for contests and more. This week it was all about the Monster Truck Nitro Tour making its big debut at the Mississippi Coliseum in Jackson today and there were winners aplenty like:

Brooke in Philadelphia

Janet in Carthage

Hannah in Philadelphia

Linda in Louisville

Congratulations to everyone who registered as well because if you text the word Monster Truck along with your first and last name but didn’t win….we got big news coming, just keep an eye on your phones real soon!

Sharing the Spotlight – Beginning today, I’d like to start Sharing the Spotlight, where I’ll share the week’s best phone calls or texts. Today we shine a spotlight on not one but two local parents who loves their children very much.


Spotlight winner Janet 


Spotlight winner Lacie


Hoping y’all have a wonderful weekend and remember “the little things, mean the most!”