The Rock A Billy Hitman Hits The Mark!


Mark Collie Announces New Album B-MO in the MO’rning – Today a literal lifetime of lessons learned becomes available and as most of the lessons I’ve learned are, the music of actor, songwriter and icon Mark Collie’s “Book of My Blues” are worth listening to over and over again.

The Waynesboro, Tennessee native told me in a conversation yesterday “this is the biggest album of his life” and if I can speak for the man I call my “brother from another mother”, this isn’t the biggest album of his life, but rather it is his life! From the title track to the final cut, every song, lyric and note is a piece of this man’s heart and soul. It’s influences are made up of of outlaws and heroes, who like Jesse Wayne Hardin are cut from a cloth that few people get to wear.

For me having heard it from start to finish several times, this album is simply what I call “The Solution” for what’s missing in today’s version of country music. With nods to yesterdays “Outlaw Sound” like Waylon Jennings and others, this is a Top 5 must have for anyone who calls themselves “country”! Mark performs at The Grand Ole Opry tonight before hitting the road for Nevada and was recently honored to perform at a Air Force Base in Georgia.

His father who served this country in the Air Force is also featured at the end of Mark’s video for his latest single “Son of a Gun” which can be seen here along with his debut single from “Book of My Blues” called “Born Ready” on Mark’s YouTube channel! (Including a personal favorite mine from Merle Haggard called “Mama Tried” featuring the trio of Mark, some legend he wrote some songs for named Tim McGraw who had a decent career lol and Chris Janson)

To call me excited about the release of this project and being able to see Mark perform at The Grand Ole Opry is definitely bucket list status for me as it marks (no pun intended) my first time ever at the Opry! Get over to to purchase a limited edition autographed double album or autographed CD of “Book of My Blues” and get ready as I spotlight the album today during the 8am hour immediately following Strait at Eight on Mississippi’s Superstar Country, Kicks 96!

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