Reeves Won’t Shut Down Schools or Require Masks

STATE WIDE--Gov. Tate Reeves stressed during a news conference Thursday that he doesn't believe it's his job as governor to make blanket decisions for school districts across the state. He said he believes shutting down all schools because of coronavirus is a mistake."I'm not,... Read More.

What Could Save Your Life If you Get COVID-19

PHILADELPHIA, Miss.--The pandemic may be worse than it has ever been in Mississippi, according to numbers released by the state Dept. of Health. More than 4,000 cases were reported Wednesday, with 36 more people dead from the virus.That number includes two people in Holmes... Read More.

Neshoba General Needs Relief; UMMC May Be Helping

JACKSON, Miss.--The state's largest hospital and trauma center, the University of Mississippi Medical Center, usually takes the transfer patients from smaller hospitals across the state. But, they've been jammed up with COVID patients themselves. Now they've opened a second field hospital in the parking... Read More.

Coronavirus: Over 7,000 Cases; Reeves Under Pressure

STATE WIDE--For the weekend 7,839 new cases of coronavirus were reported, with 52 deaths. Two of those deaths were in central Mississippi: one in Attala County and one in Scott County.Gov. Tate Reeves has been getting pressure to issue a state-wide mask mandate, but... Read More.

Kicks Picks is back! Make your picks now!

Boswell Media Sports's weekly football pick'em "Kicks Picks" is back for 18th season on and your picks each week for the best high school and college football games in the state. If you get the most right, then you’re a winner.The weekly... Read More.

Coronavirus Tensions in Central Mississippi

KOSCIUSKO, Miss.--It's a testy time in central Mississippi. No one is immune from having to deal with coronavirus and Mississippi's vaccination rate is still the lowest in the country. But, that number is going up."We have now surpassed the peak we had over the... Read More.