COVID-19 Current Summary


Effects of COVID-19 on Central MS

Updated 05/01 5am CT

Case Count

Leake is reporting 204 (14) cases.

Neshoba is reporting 187 (13) cases.

Attala is reporting 99 (5) cases overall.

Statewide 11 additional deaths yesterday with 261 deaths overall

Leake 1/2

Neshoba 3/3

Attala 0 


The federal government is sending Mississippi more than a billion dollars as part of the massive Coronavirus relief package.

It’s a huge pot of money so leaders of the state House and Senate say the Mississippi Constitution gives spending decisions to them.

But, Gov. Reeves says a longstanding state law gives spending authority to the governor during emergencies. The legislature is returning to Jackson EARLY to argue about that…

The statewide “Safer-at-Home” order is in effect for the next 10 days.  Carthage Mayor Vivians continues to say that  violators of this order will receive a $300.00 citation. Saying that excessive gatherings, some leading to fights and other undesirable activities are putting citizens and first responders at risk. You can see her full statement and quite a number of comments at

After a successful round of testing Wednesday in Carthage Free COVID-19 testing continues across the state. The nearest location will be in Decatur tomorrow.




The Mayors of both Carthage and Philadelphia have issued proclamations urging all to wear masks in public.  If you still don’t have one, CDC instructions for making on are available at









Pronunciation Guide *

  • Attala = ah – `ta – lah
  • Kosciusko = kah – zee – `ess – koh




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