An Attempted Horse Warning, Then a Wreck


EDINBURG, Miss.–While on a medical run just before 2 Saturday morning, an EMT called Leake County communications over the radio to warn them that a horse was out close to the highway on Hwy. 16 east, at Midway Rd., near Edinburg.

Dispatchers checked records to see who the horse might belong to, so they could call the owner. No records of any known owners were found in that area.

Before deputies could get there to help get the horse away from the highway, someone hit it.

No injuries were reported in the wreck. A deputy found the owner and helped get other horses that were loose back in their fence.

Malfeasance on the Trace

Just before 4 a.m. 911 was alerted to a possible wreck on the Natchez Trace in the Ofahoma area in Leake County via an automated signal from a cell phone. Deputies and one volunteer firefighter responded to try and locate the car.

While looking for the possible wreck a deputy came upon some vehicles, it wasn’t clear how many, and stopped to talk to the occupants.

A woman was arrested and taken to the Leake County Jail. The charge wasn’t clear from radio traffic. But, license and ID checks revealed that at least one person who was in one of the vehicles had a history of drug charges. Another had a history of unpaid fines.

No wrecked vehicle was located.