Attempted Break-In by a Billy Goat


Dispatches for Leake County August 2, 2022

12:42 am officers responded to someone needing assistance at the fire department

12:49 am Caller reporting drug activity on Mars Hill Road.

4:56 am Officers were called to Red Dog Road where someone was attempting to kick in a door.

5:28 am Officers were called back to the same residence on Red Dog Road.

7:03 am Deputies were called to Allen Rd for a domestic disturbance.

9:15 am Deputies were called to a disturbance on Hwy 488

10:17 am Deputies were called to Coosa Road for a billy-goat butting a glass door trying to break in.

10:25 am Units were called to Massey Cove for assistance with a pit-bulldog

12:43 pm Dispatch notified officers of a reckless driver on Hwy 35 N turning onto Hwy 16 W.

1:20pm Deputies were called to Rocky Point Road for vehicle accident. MHP was notified to assist. No injuries were reported.

On Tuesday at 4:27pm, Baptist Leake requested law enforcement come to the Emergency Department because they had a minor patient presenting with evidence of being assaulted.

At 6:08pm, a caller requested assistance on Old Canton Road, stating that a family member was “out of control and had a knife.”