A Message from Carthage Chief of Police Coby Clay


We reached out to Carthage Chief of Police Coby Clay, and he shared the following: “I would like to first thank the public for their willingness to remain contained at home. This will ensure their safety, not only for themselves, but for others. If possible, during these times of nature taking it’s course, let’s take this moment to strengthen our family bond through cherishing these moments to come together as a family.  Let’s remember what it is to love, respect, and appreciate each of us. Most importantly, let’s take this time to spend with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Seize the moment to spend this time in worship and praise. Because it’s this opportunity to rectify, restore and improve our spiritual well-being. This is a prime opportunity to look within ourselves as well as around us and assist in the improvements of our community, our city and our lives. As chief, I just want each of us to be better at who we are! So, stay safe, stay conscientious, and stay hopeful.”

Carthage Chief of Police, Coby Clay  (audio below)