Fire Burns House on Lee Green Rd.


CARTHAGE, Miss.–A fire burned a house Saturday morning on Lee Green Rd., west of Carthage, just south of Hwy. 16, according to scanner traffic.

The fire call went out just before 5 a.m. to both Carthage and Ofahoma firefighters. As they were en route to the scene, they were told by dispatchers that the fire had reached the home’s attic. Soon after the fire also reached the neighboring house and was near an outside propane tank.

A person was also believed to have been stick in the house at one point.

Central Electric Power was also called as the fire threatened the utility pole near the house.

It was unclear from communications what time the fire was put out. The trucks communicated they were done at the scene by 6:30.

Later car fires

A car pulling a trailer full of hay was reported on fire just after 3 p.m. on Hwy. 25 west of Carthage. Several fire trucks were called out.

Another car was reported on fire just before 6 p.m., on Hwy. 16 east near Goshen Rd. under the Lobutcha bridge.


All previous info was gathered through scanner traffic and is not confirmed by authorities.