From The Desk of Mayor Mary Ann Vivians


Mayor Vivians has announced some recommended guidelines for the upcoming holidays.

July 4 Event Planning: Guidance from MSDH

As we prepare to commemorate the 4th of July, the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) would like to remind you to follow the current mandates outlined in the existing Executive Order 1492:
*Social gatherings indoors are limited to 20 persons if social distancing cannot be assured, and 50 if social distancing can be maintained.
*Social gatherings outdoors are limited to 50 persons if social distancing cannot be assured, and 100 if social distancing can be maintained.
*Arena attendance is limited to 25% or less of full capacity.

Fireworks displays and outdoor gatherings
MSDH does not provide specific event approvals, but in general, firework displays meeting the requirements of current Mississippi Executive Orders and other statutory requirements are allowed.
MSDH recommends adherence to CDC published guidelines, including those for outdoor groups and community events, to maintain social distancing.
For planning purposes, it is strongly recommended that those watching displays remain in their automobiles and not interact with others outside of their vehicles. The numerical limit on outdoor groups from the Executive Orders do not apply to those remaining in their own vehicles.